BDS academics to foot legal costs (The Australian)

THE academics at the centre of the Sydney University boycott, sanctions and divestment row will be left to cover their own legal costs as campus controversy over the anti-Israeli movement blazes.

Protesters gathered at the university yesterday to protest action lodged against Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies director Jake Lynch and council member Stuart Rees by the Tel Aviv-based Shurat HaDin Israel Law Centre.

Shurat HaDin alleges the support of Associate Professor Lynch and Emeritus Professor Rees for the BDS movement violates the Racial Discrimination Act.

The complaint is before the Australian Human Rights Commission, but Akiva Hamilton, the Australian lawyer with Shurat HaDin, says it is unlikely to be resolved in that jurisdiction.

“Based on Associate Professor Lynch’s response to the Australian Human Rights Commission, Shurat HaDin expects that the AHRC will be unable to conciliate the racial discrimination claim,” he said.

Sydney University will not indemnify professors Lynch and Rees if the matter proceeds.

“The university does not provide legal support for staff in relation to complaints or proceedings against them in respect of their activities in a personal capacity,”a spokeswoman said.

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One thought on “BDS academics to foot legal costs (The Australian)

  1. As a taxpayer in Australia I am pleased that I dont have to pay for these people’s court case costs… Its enough that I have to pay for Stuart Rees’ indulgences as it is. I dont know anything about the other guy, but I remember Rees was full of nonsense in the 1970s.. his complete aloofness from what was happening in social welfare in Australia when he was so needed should make him ashamed, and we continue be diminished by him blocking more eligible people from ‘rising up’ in the bureaucracy of that department… and now I see he is still there in his ivory tower.. shame.

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