Americans living in Israel sue Clinton, State Dept. over claimed terror group funding (Daily Caller)

The Shurat HaDin—Israel Law Center, representing 24 Americans living in Israel, filed a civil action lawsuit against the State Department on Tuesday claiming that the U.S. government is funding Palestinian terrorism in the West Bank and Gaza.

The suit, Bernstein vs. Clinton,which was filed in the district court for Washington, D.C., claims that the State Department has failed to observe congressional safeguards, transparency, and reporting requirements in its funding of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and United Nations Refugee Worker’s Administration (UNRWA).

It alleges that, as a result, American taxpayer money has ended up in the coffers of terrorist organizations like Hamas.

The twenty-four American citizens living in Israel, some of whom have been victims of terrorism, are the type of people the funding safeguards sought to protect, according to the center.

“They are fearful that the money that is going to the Palestinian Authority eventually winds up in the hands of the terrorist organizations that can be facilitated to carry out attacks against them,” Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of Tel Aviv, the director of the center and one of the lawyers on the case, told The Daily Caller.

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